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Company Introduction

MLF Group Sdn Bhd was incorporated under the Company Act 1956 on 1st March 2008 in Selangor, Malaysia. MLF Group Sdn Bhd is a marketing department specialized in health & dietary food products and our company also promote and provide customers and dealers of our community with opportunities not just for better livelihoods, but also better lifestyles with extensive industry knowledge and valuable experience. We have the capabilities to custom-produce a product to meet our customer applicable regulatory requirements; our business has also expanded into other related fields such as packaging services, product design development and product registration. We look forward into building a thriving global marketing business, spreading knowledge and business opportunities across Malaysia, Singapore and the rest of Asia and the world.

MLF Group Sdn Bhd was established by our Founding President,Mr. Tommy Kiew. It was his dream to be an entrepreneur, investor and a visionary. Mr. Tommy Kiew saw the chance to change the business environment with something he fervently and personally believed in - an awareness of healthy living, and a purpose to educate others about nutrition and healthcare and also to uplift professionalism in this business. In order to achieve these goals, Mr. Kiew has assembled a young and dynamic Executive Management Team to extend MLF GROUP - its products, system, culture, dream, vision and mission.

What We Offer

With our exceptional quality products, ongoing international expansion programs, and unparalleled business opportunities and rewards, we offer a sustainable, authentic and realistic business opportunity to those who believe in our business and products - as we ourselves do - and are eager to share it with the world. We also offer rewards on a more personal level, including self-development, a sense of sharing and caring, and most notably, the chance to learn and gain better health and well-being.

Our Commitment & Responsibility

As an ethical organization, we consider this as our social responsibility to uphold certain core values. Our objective is merely more than just profit or promoting our products, but we also intend to create awareness and educate others on achieving and maintaining healthy lifestyles, fulfilling their personal potential, and increasing their income potential. As a responsible corporate citizen, we stand behind our commitment to the principles of fairness and integrity.


Business Philosophy

  • MLF Group Sdn Bhd uphold the principle of "Professionalism, Responsible, Faith" enterprise idea.
  • Practice strict quality control, diversification of products and services to provide best customer satisfication.
  • Provide fast, efficient and in-depth research on nutrition in response to market demand, thus create the cornerstone of sustainable development.


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